1. jc448lk:

    Get down is a upbeat song full of momentum check it out. it helps me alot Jc Martin an artist for the future.


  2. jc448lk:

    You have got to listen to this song it is crazy if you r feeling low in mood or want to feel even happier check this song out all the best 



  3. manikaofficial:

    These flowers NEVER die!!!💐🌸🌺🌷🌻😄❤️😍💕☺️


  4. brentsfoodandtravelblog:

    Interesting. Not sure how soundly I would sleep knowing tons of water were suspended over my head…cool idea though.



  6. frimi1:

    FriMi Startup Video
    All Rights Reserved.


  7. Elsa and Anna of Arendelle

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  9. brentsfoodandtravelblog:

    Outdoor dining in November in West Palm Beach, FL. Just because it is 77F outside at 9pm doesn’t mean there can’t be Christmas lights in the trees.

    This restaurant is called Pistache. I come here often and will post a review tomorrow.


  10. brentsfoodandtravelblog:

    My cell phone snap of the day: A Westie goes for a stroll in The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

    Dog strollers allow people to bring their small dogs shopping with them at the mall, as dogs are not allowed to walk in the mall on a leash, but can be inside the mall if in a carrying case or some device whereby their paws aren’t in contact with the ground. Pet stores sell dog strollers to get dogs legally into the mall.

    A cute Westie!